Hillary’s Biggest Lie Yet

Hillary’s Biggest Lie Yet

by Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeffrey Dobkin's Back

Jeffrey Dobkin’s Back

Generally, I’m non-political.

But Hillary Clinton has made me take a stand: against liars. Especially liars on a presidential scale.

It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s just that I don’t want to see her over and over… and over and over for the next 12 years. I’m O.D.ed on her now.  Ugh…

I’ve already had an overdose of her on TV from any and all of the dozens of women’s talk shows where she’s making the rounds. And TMI: seeing her on the covers of all the women’s magazines, too. Not to mention the People Magazine cover story from their June 16th issue: “Hillary Clinton and the White House.” Inside, the banner of the article boasts her quote: “I have a decision to make.” About running for president.  Riiiiiight.

It’s all the same, really. Every interview: She mouths all the same words, regurgitates all the same stories, same non-committal avoidance on all the important issues that have a chance to hurt her in the polls. And that unchanging grin through hell and high water. Apparently she is ready to lead the Presidential race and lead the people of the United State as a forerunner into the Presidency except… except one thing: She doesn’t know if she’s running.

So, she doesn’t know if she’s running? What? What the fuck…?

What incredible bullshit. Am I the only one that thinks this is one hell of a lie? Actually, I’m pretty darn sure it is one hell of a lie. Isn’t saying your “not sure if your running for the Presidency” when you are 100o% certain you are – isn’t that a huge lie?

Do politicians have the right to lie — I don’t heckin’ think so.  While it does seem to fit in the job requirements, no one has the right to lie to me.  Not without me getting pissed off and calling them out on it.  And I especially hold this true for people on my payroll: government employees.  They have a responsibility to me to tell me the truth at all times.

She’s making the TV and magazines rounds like she’s running, convincing hundreds of thousands of people she’s running, but she’s saying not sure? Are you fucking kidding me? Is she the master of bullshitting everyone or what? How big does the lie have to be before someone calls her on it.  Is the media afraid she won’t grant them another “exclusive” interview if they challenge her on this? Yea, guess so…

If she’s lying like this now, how big will the lies be if she wins the presidency?

I’ll tell you: HUGE. How much lying will Americans have to put up with on this scale if she’s doing it now — before she’s even in office? Hint: PLENTY. Fucking plenty.  More than plenty. Is this the kind of person – who is stringing us along in an ongoing lie – that we actually want as our President? Not me.  It will only get worse.  Plus, as I said — I just don’t want to see her face a billion times over the next 10 years. Eeyouch.

In theory, two possibilities exist: Hillary Clinton is running for President, or she isn’t. In reality, one possibility exists: she’s already started her campaign. Either way, I’m pretty sure she knows by now. I’m pretty sure every one knows it by now.