The Ad Critic Professional

Brief ad reviews from me are free – as it’s fun for me, and I usually look pretty great because I’m able to provide insights fueled by a 30 year career of successful advertising and marketing methods.  Big ego boost!  Longer oral reviews can cost you and are very effective in getting rid of dead-end advertising and marketing, and tuning up marketing strategies that are effective.  And if you want me to write my review, it’s formal… and expensive.  Still, lots of people do it and come back for more, plus send their colleagues.  Turns out there are lots of marketing consultants out there and they all point in different directions.  I happen to point in a direction that makes money for clients right away.

Here’s a review of an ad I didn’t think was effective.  The ad review I wrote was on assignment from a newspaper publisher in my hoetown of Philadelphia.  I meant hometown.

Ad critic review of G

Ad Critic Review